Jonathan Parks
Executive Director/BoardChair

Born and raised in Ontario, Jonathan has also lived in New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan before moving to Calgary Alberta in late July of 2019. He was raised in a semi-Christian home, is a Bible College Graduate. Co-pastored two Toronto churches, before resigning in Dec 2011. Left the Christian faith in Sept of 2017 and now identifies as an atheist, secular humanist activist.  He is also a member and ally of the LGBTQ2S community. Jonathan joined the Atheist Republic Calgary in July of 2019 which later became Secular Humanists of Calgary on Feb 1st, 2020.



Celine Sanchaz
Board Member

My name is Celine Sanchez,
I am originally from Mexico and became Canadian Citizen in Victoria, B.C. where I finished my studies in Tourism & Hospitality, and my French and Portuguese language. 

I came to Calgary, 8 years ago to work as a Flight Attendant with two major airline carriers. ( my fav job) 

I also work as an international Tour Director, leading Tours, across Canada and The USA. 

I am proudly an Atheist Humanist, and very passionate about equal rights for believers and nonbelievers, I am an activist for the separation of church and state, and reason instead of ideology 

As an activist for human rights and activist for Atheism, I am delighted to be a part of the Secular Humanist of Calgary.

I want to keep fighting against oppression and injustice that religion and politicians inflict on all of who are persecuted by the theist.



Kathleen Johnson
Volunteer Member
2020-10-06 05.53.16.jpg

Kathleen was born and raised in Calgary Alberta and lived some years in Ottawa where she earned a BA at Carleton University in Sociology/Anthropology. At this time she was a non believer. Kathleen did not grow up in a very religious home but turned to religion when becoming a mother to give her kids a sense of morals and values. She became deeply involved in the Pentecostal and later Mormon faith for over 13 years. Hard life experiences lead her to question God's existence which lead to a deeper investigation into Christianity and she became an Athiest in 2017. She is now very passionate about living a life based on logic and evidence. Kathleen joined Atheist Republic in October 2019 and helped co-found Secular Humanists of Calgary on Feb 1st, 2020.






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