To educate, collaborate and build a city and province-wide opposition to the separate government-funded Catholic School Board. As a result of these efforts, with one voice we will demand the province to begin the process of steps provincially and federally for amalgamation.


Each group has a group lead/leads that organize the "when and where" each group meets up. Each group must do a minimum of one physical meet per month. In these meetings, strategies and action plans are formed together as they decide on the best way to proceed with their topic. For example, contacting educators, city council members, other similar group leaders, etc. Local surveys can be conducted, mini speaking events with community leaders that are already involved in the topic can be put together. These are just a few ideas that would go a long way in forming a strong basis for this topic. Each member will contribute by doing research and gathering information or making the right contacts. 


It is very helpful that all members have access to Facebook Messenger so that a private group discussion forum can be created with members of the group only. This will be a space where all the members can update each other on the progress of their task. 

one province,

one public school system

It's time for ​a single, secular school system in Alberta.


A unifying, secular school system will bring our province together, reduce wasteful duplication of services and put education tax dollars in classrooms where it matters for students.

And now with the economic challenges facing our province, there’s no better time to unite in a single, secular school system.

Why we have government funded Catholic Schools

Diversity is our strength.

One school system will bring our province together in a spirit of fairness that respects the rights of all students.  

The current model is not working. 

Operating both the separate and public school system requires twice as much administration.  Too much money is spent paying for administrators at the top instead of supporting students in the classroom.  

Religious freedom is important. 

Families have a right to raise their children according to their religious and cultural beliefs, but there are many ways to teach and practice religion, both inside and outside of schools.  A single, secular system would open the door for all children to learn about a diversity of beliefs and world religions, including (but not limited to) the Catholic faith. 

It's time for a change

A lot has changed since 1867 when section 93 of the Constitution Act set out denominational school rights. We don’t have one room schools anymore, and students arrive by bus, not horse and buggy. This is the 21st century, and our laws need to reflect today’s challenges and opportunities.  It's time to end millions if not billions of dollars wasted on duplication of services and legal battles to prop up this unsustainable system.  It's time to put money in the classroom, not the courtroom.

The solution is simple.

Making the legal change to one school system is relatively simple.  The provincial government can amend the legal requirement for a separate school system at any time, much like Newfoundland and Quebec did in the 1990s. In fact, Alberta is just one of three provinces that hasn't already made this change.  

It's time to unify our province around a single, secular school system that encompasses a wide diversity of backgrounds and beliefs.



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