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Our aim is that with each new member, our voice of reason and compassion gets stronger and more influential. As we grow in numbers, so does our influence with local, provincial and federal government decision-makers and the public opinion that guides them. Without this vital voice, the major influencers will continue to


be the large, self-interested and divisive groups and institutions that benefit from making baseless claims, spreading

bigotry and promoting pseudo-scientific nonsense.

Our membership is open to anyone who agrees to uphold our Mission and the Statement of Values and Principles and Policies of of the Secular Humanists of Calgary and our Membership Code of Conduct. By submitting an application, you attest to having read and agreed to these documents.



  • All meetups and 80% of all events are free for members.

  • Only members get to participate in all campaign focus groups.

  • Invitation and a say in our direction as an organization at the Annual General Meeting each year in February.

  • The knowledge that you are helping build the Secular Humanist Society in Calgary, Alberta.

  • Opportunities for leadership.


Basic membership dues are $30 annually. We at this time are relying solely on this fee to run all the functions that make up this community, so we encourage and appreciate all contributions and donations above the minimum amount. 

Unfortunately, at this time we are not classified under a charitable status for our organization so we will not be able to issue a tax receipt.

If you do not renew your membership within six months of its expiry (exactly 18 months from the date of submission), you will have to complete a new application to join the SHC again.

*Please note, all approved memberships are non-refundable.


A membership may be terminated when a member is found to be violating our statement of values and principals.


*Please note, all approved memberships are non-refundable.