Why do we exist?

What is the best thing about existing?

What is our purpose?

Is the world a better place for having had humans in it?

How can we improve humanity?

What is the best advice or philosophy for living?


What is religion?

Why are there multiple religions?

Should religions be challenged?

Is skepticism a good thing?

Why do people get angry when their beliefs are challenged?

Which religion is right?

Can all religions be correct?

What does fear have to do with belief?

Do we have a need to believe in something?

What is spirituality?


Can religion and science coexist?

What’s the difference between religion and science?

Can a religion change with society?

Was man created or did he evolve?


Is there a God?

What is the definition of God?

What gives you certainty in your belief?

How do you deal with doubt?

Who created God?

Is God male or female?

What does God need from us?

Who is/are the Messiah(s)?

Who is the Devil?


What is faith?

What is a fact?

How can we tell which is which?


What is truth?

How do we determine truth?

Which truth is right?


Is the holy-book(s) literally true?

What is the origin of the holy book(s)?

How do we accept a holy book that positively portrays unacceptable behaviors like slavery, incest, murder, etc.?

Can we take what we like about a religion/belief system and make our own version and throw out the rest?


What is morality?

Is there a moral yardstick that applies to all cultures?

Where does morality, or our “conscience,” comes from?

Is altruism or morality possible without belief in a deity?