Rollin Penner - 6:30pm February 23rd 


Winnipeg comedian Rollin Penner will be performing at our 1st Annual General Meeting! So pull up a chair and grab a drink – this will be great!

Rollin got his start as a performer singing in an acapella gospel quartet in his early teens. He now performs as a stand-up comedian, headlining shows at Rumors Comedy Club and Wee Johnny’s Comedy Club, just to name a few. He has also appeared several times in the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. The answer to the question, “how do you go from singing in a Gospel Quartet to headlining at a Comedy Club?” is too convoluted and long to fit into a bio. Suffice it to say that Rollin’s path included first escaping consecutively from several denominations of Christianity and then winding through several performance genres including Musical Theatre, acting, and broadcasting, and then finally spending many years writing comedy, both for broadcast and for print.

Rollin’s comedy leans heavily on his strict Mennonite upbringing, and his observations on the absurdities of Fundamentalist thought and practice are both insightful and hilarious. Nor does his background in music go to waste, as his shows often include a number of his original songs as well as parodies of Gospel songs he sang many years ago.

While his comedy career has been largely on hold for the last year due to the COVID crisis, Rollin is looking forward to getting back on stage when things open up again, and he continues to write and prepare for that time. Hopefully, it will come sooner rather than later.


How Do I Attend?

You must register on the AGM21 page of our website.