Pronouns: Him/He

Executive Director

Born and raised in Ontario, Jonathan has also  lived in New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan before moving to Calgary Alberta in late July of 2019. He was raised in a semi Christian home, is a graduate of  New Brunswick Bible Institute and lacked one course for Graduation at Master's College and Seminary (Formerly Eastern Pentecostal Bible College). Co-pastored two Toronto churches, before resigning in Dec 2011. Left the Christian faith in Sept of 2017 and now identifies as an atheist, secular humanist activist.  He is also a member and ally of the LGBTQ2S community. Jonathan joined the Atheist Republic Calgary in July of 2019. Jonathan founded Secular Humanists of Calgary on Feb 1st 2020.



Pronouns Him/He


Born and raised in Vancouver, Sam is a professional in the financial services industry and has also lived in Toronto and New York before calling Calgary home. Raised Ismaili Muslim, Sam has been an atheist since 2018 and is a part of the LGBTQ2IA community. Sam joined Atheist Republic Calgary in September 2019 and helped co-found Secular Humanists of Calgary on Feb 1st 2020.


Pronouns: Him/He


Spencer grew up in an Atheist home and was born and raised in Calgary Alberta. He has been active in the athiest/skeptic/secular humanist community since discovering a skeptic group while living in New Zealand 6 years ago. He has a strong belief in reason, science and evidence over the supernatural and a desire to live in a secular world. Spencer joined Atheist Republic Calgary in Oct 2019


Pronouns: She/Her


Kathleen was born and raised in Calgary Alberta and lived some years in Ottawa where she earned a BA at Carleton University in Sociology/Anthropology. At this time she was a non believer. Kathleen did not grow up in a very religious home but turned to religion when becoming a mother to give her kids a sense of morals and values. She became deeply involved in the Pentecostal and later Mormon faith for over 13 years. Hard life experiences lead her to question God's existence which lead to a deeper investigation into Christianity and she became an Athiest in 2017. She is now very passionate about living a life based on logic and evidence. Kathleen joined Atheist Republic in October 2019 and helped co-found Secular Humanists of Calgary on Feb 1st, 2020.


Pronouns: Him/He


Born and raised in Turkey. He was raised as a Sunni Muslim but at the age 14 he took his first step out of religion. He has always been a skeptic and was a closet atheist for long time due to the situation in Turkey. He is a human rights activist. Deniz has an Air Transportation degree from Green River College, WA. He has lived in Seattle and Los Angeles before moving to Calgary. He also started writing his own "irreligious" blog. He moved to Canada on December 2019 and joined ARCC on January 2020 and helped co-found Secular Humanists of Calgary on Feb 1st, 2020.


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