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As members of the black community, we want to give a voice to the black atheists in this Country that have been silenced by the system, culture,

friends, and family. We connect with other Blacks (and allies) who are living free of religion and might otherwise be shunned by family and friends in a caring, friendly, and informative environment. Instead of accepting dogma, we determine truth and morality through reason and evidence.

This is a brand new initiative through Secular Humanists of Calgary and we are just getting started!! Please Check back soon for more info!!

Our Mission

As Black Nonbelievers of Canada, our mission is to:

  • Reach out to isolated black atheists across Canada

  • Provide a secular fellowship community.

  • Provide an educational environment, through virtual meetings around relevant topics occasional guest speakers, etc.

  • Nurture and support nonbelievers in “coming out” (ie, openly identification).

  • Promote pride in the atheist/nonreligious identity.

Black Nonbelievers of Canada welcomes all regardless of age, gender identity, sexual identity, national origin, and racial identity who live in Canada.

There’s a social activist movement underway continuing the unfinished business of the Civil Rights movement era. Want to make a difference? What we need is grit and involvement in the struggle, not a tribe satisfied with the empty promises of scriptural white noise. Please, for the sake and love of our own futures: abandon your fabled white messiah. Wake up. We are our own salvation. Black atheist Sincere Kirabo on BLM

Scared of leaving religion - scared of going to hell 


I am a 19 year old Arab Muslim born in the UK and lived here all my life. My family are very religious (moderate). I've been religious all my life. Most of my best friends are religious Muslims as well. I've been having doubts on and off all my life but in the end, I'm just really afraid. I've lived with the fear of hell all my life so I'm just too scared to do anything about it.


Coupled with other issues like "what if God is blinding me from the the truth that is Islam, because I sinned while I was Muslim" - which is something that God says he would do to sinners in the Quran. I really do find these superstitions and religious people including Muslims annoying and irrational, but I'm just too scared to leave.

Rationally, what are the chances of God existing and sending atheists to hell,....low? But an o.k. life and an eternity in heaven is an infinite number of times better than a free life and an eternity in hell. So comparing the relative probabilities and relative outcomes, the better bet would be religion, right?

Anyway some of the personalities and stories in Islamic history also make you wonder - it's hard to believe it's made up.

TBH I really wish I was ignorant and a happy religious Muslim. Now I'm just miserable. And if I do become an atheist, I'm not sure how I would feel about this life being it and us going into nothingness after.

What do you think - not about religion - but about my situation?

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