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Challenging Alberta's Religious Privilege

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The Alberta Secular Association is a grassroots initiative that will campaign for the separation of religion and government and will promote secularism as the best means to create a society in which people of all religions or none can live together fairly and cohesively. The ASA sees secularism — the position that the state should be separate from religion — as an essential element in promoting equality between all citizens.

Would you like to work on and support our secular campaigns? Contacts us below!

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Official Launch Date: October 2021

  • Facebook Page: Launching soon

  • Website Launch Sept 1st

  • First Three Campaigns: 

 - One Public Schools System for Alberta

 - End Municipal Prayers

 - Province-wide ban on conversion therapy. 

With more support and volunteers we can launch more campaigns! 

Some ways you can join and help:

  • If you are as passionate about Secularism in Alberta as we are, then contact us! Let us know where you are and that you are interested in getting involved! We commit to keeping all of our member's identities confidential! If you don't have a rep for your area we would welcome you to join the council!


  • Become a member of the Secular Humanists of Calgary. We are working hard to become the kind of organization that will advance secularism on a social and political level and we need your help to do it!

I want to do more than talk about secularism I want to help support its success, so how do I help?

Donate both money and energy/time, because it will take both. We really do need monthly and yearly partners who donate consistently to help fund this initiative. We even value our one-time donors, all the support we receive helps make this all possible. Atheists and secularists are really good at engaging in deep conversations about how we need to see a change in this province, but we haven't been the best at putting in the effort it will take to make the changes we want to see. So here's our opportunity. Will you help make this possible.