So what does it take to join

the leadership team?

There are many different ways to get involved and volunteer here at the Secular Humanists of Calgary. One of the greatest things about joining us at this point in time is that we are a brand new entity, so many of the critical positions that make a secular humanist group successful haven't been filled yet.  

Whether you are an out front and center type of activist/community leader or a hard at work behind the scenes type person there is a place for you. 


It is, however, really important for anyone who is interested in joining the leadership team, that they be aware of the expectations that are required to be a successful leader in our organization, no matter the position.


Anyone who is interested in leadership must be an individual who not only supports but demonstrates our Code of Conduct. These people will also possess:

Excellent Communication Skills: Being apart of a leadership team will require you to participate in leadership meetings, respond to texts, emails in a timely manner. Giving updates or progress reports on tasks. Engage with other members of our community via social media or in-person meetups to help build community within the community. 

Having excellent communication skills is also demonstrated when you know what your limits are appropriately and professionally communicate it. 


Reliability/Dependability:  We recognize someone to be reliable and dependable when they consistently arrive at events/meetings on time. They go above and beyond when working on tasks. They are trustworthy and consistent. They complete tasks in a timely fashion. 

There are scores of other things that we could be doing instead of running an organization, so we must understand that everything we put our hands to here is important, or this organization wouldn't exist or it will certainly fail.

Committed/Dedicated: We want to grow Secular Humanists of Calgary and that will take commitment and dedication, which means we need to set realistic goals and a plan on how we will become successful. Rome wasn't built overnight, nor was it done on the backs of one individual - so each member needs to be functioning in their capacity towards the growth and success of the shared vision. Growth and success is all our responsibility, not the responsibility of the sum. We need to challenge ourselves and each other when the organization shows signs of stunted growth. 

Being committed also requires committing our time. Can I commit some solid time each month to accomplish whatever tasks that are necessary to make this community/organization successful?

Accountability: A good leader feels a sense of ownership and responsibility for the success of the organization and all who make it up. When things are going well, they praise and celebrate. However, when problems arise, they identify them quickly and appropriately, seek solutions, and work together to help get us back on track.

When a task or a situation becomes too difficult or challenging, a person who is accountable will be honest about the situation and seek guidance. Sometimes stepping down temporarily or permanently is necessary.

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