About the Secular Humanists of Calgary

Your Community for Secularism and Scientific Education


When we began we were originally the Atheist Republic Calgary Consulate, which didn't have an official meetup community at the time. So in August of 2019, we launched our first meetup. As we continued on through the fall of that year we encountered a fellow atheist community here in Calgary which we were partnered with at the time expressing anti-trans posts on their Facebook page. The comment section was filled with hurt members, some of whom were trans from their own community expressing their pain and shock. The response from the board and leadership was very heated, insulting, insensitive, and clearly uneducated. 

After unresolved communication from the president of this atheist society, we decided to discontinue our partnership and part ways with them which resulted in them contacting Atheist Republic (AR) to demand an apology. A consulate ambassador from AR contacted us with the expectation that we would do just that.  We decided to exercise our ethics and part ways with them too. As a result, Secular Humanists of Calgary was born on Feb 1st of 2020. 

We soon realized this was a great decision since we quickly picked up former members of this atheist group who also experienced racism and other forms of bigotry. 

It is very important to know that not all Atheists are Humanists. 

As the Secular Humanists of Calgary, we desire to be Calgary and Alberta's voice for the non-religious and the secular. We promote progressive values, secularism, humanism, reason, education, and equality for secularists, humanists, atheists, and freethinkers. We work to end religious privilege and discrimination based on religion and belief.


We stand up for a rational approach to public ethical issues and call for evidence to form the basis of public debate rather than irrational beliefs, bigotry, or religious dogmas. It is our desire to partner with other secular humanists, from all walks of life that share in these values and principles, that uphold equality for all, and the separation of religion and government.

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